How to make fluffy pancakes

A sun-drenched lazy Sunday morning with a plate full of fluffy pancakes; if that’s not happiness then we are not sure what is! But how to make perfect fluffy pancakes? What is the secret to fluffy pancakes? Well, let’s not harp on any further and get right to it with the best pancakes recipe ever!

How to make fluffy pancakes

A sun-drenched lazy Sunday morning with a plate full of fluffy pancakes; if that’s not happiness then we are not sure what is!

But how to make perfect fluffy pancakes? What is the secret to fluffy pancakes? Well, let’s not harp on any further and get right to it with the best pancakes recipe ever!

Fluffy Pancakes

The easiest way is whip up some mouth-watering fluffy pancakes is to put all the ingredients in a bowl and mix them all up but let’s not be that lazy! To make your own, lovers or kids smile wider than a mile, let’s put in some extra effort. Let’s try this fluffy pancakes recipe which scores high on any taste scale. Firstly, let’s run through the ingredients:-

Flour: Use 190g of the flour of your choice but make sure it is sifted. You can pick all-purpose flour or blend it with whole wheat or ditch them to go for a gluten-free flour blend for extra nutritional kick.

Sugar: 1-2 tbsp. of either white or brown powdered sugar. Though the use of brown sugar will make the pancakes a little bit moist and darker in color.

Salt: This is important! It helps in bringing out the sweetness of the sugar a bit more, and also helps in keeping everything together. Use ½ a teaspoon of salt.

Baking Powder: Use 3-4 teaspoons for the batch. This is where those light, tall and fluffy pancakes come from – again sift this (there is nothing worse than a mouthful of baking powder.

Milk: 300-330ml of milk will do the job to bind the ingredients together. You can also use almond/soy milk as per your liking.

Melted Butter: 60g of melted and cooled butter will give you the rich and decadent flavor to your pancakes. Just remember to off-set the salt in similar proportions if you are using salted butter. Extra butter for frying.

Eggs- 1 large egg (or two small ones) for adding a structure/extra fluffiness to your pancakes.
Vanilla Extract/any other flavor of your choice: The addition of ½ teaspoon vanilla extract will give your pancakes a tad bit of sweetness as well as depth of flavor. You can try almond extract which is also pretty delicious

Toppings- Go crazy here! Add a luscious dollop of ice cream/blueberry compote/ maple syrup/dry fruits mix trail/ seasonal fruits; pretty much anything you like!

Utensils: Mixing bowl, flat pan/griddle or cast iron skillet and measuring spoons

Pro-tip: Although the quality of ingredients and how you follow the steps below determines how your pancakes turn out, using a high quality pan such as this one from All-Clad can really makes the difference in cooking them to perfection.

Now let’s go through the steps of the recipe and uncover the secret to fluffy pancakes!

  • Start by mixing your wet ingredients in one bowl i.e. the milk added to room-temperature melted butter and the egg. Whisk them up with a fork or egg-beater to form a creamy mix and keep the mixture aside.
  • For this second part you need you to hand sift your flour with the baking powder, a pinch of salt and powder sugar in another mixing bowl. Sift it all together and mix it up.
  • Now start pouring the wet ingredients into this flour mix slowly and add half a teaspoon of vanilla extract.
    Fold in the batter together to get a nice consistency. Always remember not to whisk them but fold them to capture air and let the ingredients blend into each other with a ‘flowy’ motion.
  • Next use a griddle or flat pan such as the All-Clad, warm it up and add some butter for frying the pancake. Once warm and the butter almost starts to burn, add the pancake batter to the pan. Now, just watch and work!
  • Once you see the top half of the pancake batter getting bubbly – like small holes on the top, it is time to flip it and cook the other side. Just for about a minute or two.
  • Repeat the same with remaining batter. Ensure that you cook the pancakes not too crunchy but keep them light and fluffy. Stack them up and top it with generous amount of maple syrup, some freshly cut seasonal fruits or compote of your choice and Voila! your delish stack of pancakes is ready. Binge on!
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